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Authentication Services with Georgia Apostille

Does your US-issued document require legalization for use in a foreign country? 

If your document was issued by the federal government, it will need to be authenticated by the United States Department of State. Federally-issued documents are documents signed by:

• American Consular Officer
• Foreign Consul Diplomatic Official registered with the State Department Office of Protocol
• Judge Advocate
• Military Notary
• U.S. Federal Officer

Below you will find the list of federally-issued documents we receive the most authentication requests for:

U.S. Department of Agriculture 
  o Animal/Plant Certification
  o Animal Health certifications

U.S. Department of Justice 
  o FBI – Back ground check
  o U.S. Federal Court Documents
  o U.S. Bankruptcy Court Documents

U.S. Department of Homeland Security 
  o Immigration Certifications

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
  o Certificate of Foreign Governments
  o Certificate of Pharmaceutical/Export

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 
o Trademark

* Please note, it’s illegal to use a US-issued apostille within the United States of America, its territories, or possessions. If your documents are to be used in the United States, you should contact the authorities that issued the documents or your local government for information on document authentication required for use within the United States.

If you are frustrated by a legalization process or have no time to deal with this process personally, Georgia Apostille can help! Answer the easy questions below:

1. Let us know what type of document you have

   - Is your document an original or a certified copy?
   - If yes, then proceed to question 2.
   - If not, you need to obtain an original or a certified copy of your documents before Georgia Apostille can proceed with the authentication.

2. Where was your document issued?    

     Was your document issued by one of the fifty US States or the District of Columbia and bears an official seal from it?

   - If yes, proceed to the US Apostille page for detailed instructions.

Was your document issued by the United States Federal government?  If so, proceed to the U.S. Department of State apostille page for further instructions.
         - Was your corporate or personal document signed and notarized by a local licensed notary public?
         - If yes, proceed to the U.S. Apostille page for further instructions.
         - If not, you will need to have your document signed and notarized by a local notary public. Make sure the notary you choose is fully licensed in the state where your document needs to be authenticated.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia Apostille offers nationwide and worldwide document authentication services for US-issued documents.

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