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Can you ship my apostilled/authenticated documents to a foreign country?

Yes, we ship documents worldwide. We find using DHL most reliable for international shipping and can provide you with your shipping cost estimate once we have the exact address in the country of destination. If you prefer us using a different mail carrier (FedEx, UPS, or USPS Priority), that can also be arranged per your request.
You can also include a “pre-paid” delivery service shipping label to use (not a label with an account number) and we will gladly use it to ship your processed documents.

What is the best way to contact Georgia Apostille?

Atlanta-based Georgia Apostille is available to answer any questions Monday through Friday (except on major U.S. holidays.) during business hours 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time. 
You can reach us by any of the following:

- Send us a message via a contact form on the right side of the screen or  Contact Us page (preferred).
- By phone: 770-447-0360 or 866-416-0747 (please leave a message if we are unable to take your call)
- By fax: 770-447-0790
- By scheduling an appointment at our office.

What is the best way to mail my documents to you and what is your address?

We recommend that you mail your documents to our office via USPS Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. We advise not to mail your documents via regular First-Class mail to avoid lost packages or delays with delivery. 

Our address: 
Georgia Apostille
3855 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Suite 300
Norcross, GA, 30092 USA
Phone: 770-447-0360

Can I cancel my apostille order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us in writing (by fax or email) to request a cancellation. If we have not started processing your document, you will receive a full refund, except of the return shipping fees. If we have already started the apostille process, we cannot issue a refund. In some cases, you can get a partial refund (if you have ordered several services, we can refund you for the jobs we have not started). For complete information about our refund policies, please visits our Terms and Conditions page

In what cases I can get a refund? 

Georgia Apostille will issue a full refund if:

1. You submit a written request to cancel your order (by fax or email) before we started processing your order. In this case, you will be issued a full refund except for the return shipping fees.
2. If your request for an apostille was denied due to our error. Please check our Terms and Conditions page for complete information on our refund and order cancellation policies.

What is the cost of your services?
Please visit Rates page for a complete price list.
I have an already apostilled document but I need to add one more page to it. Can I separate the apostille pages, add one more page, and reattach the apostille certificate?
No. If you remove the apostille page or tamper with it in any way, it will make your apostille certificate invalid. No additions/changes can be made to an apostilled document once the apostille is completed. If you need to add a page to your document, please mail the entire document to the Georgia Apostille office and we will process it as required by law.
My FBI background check needs to be authenticated. Can you help?
Yes, we can. You will need to order your FBI background check either directly from the FBI or the approved FBI channeler.  Once you receive your FBI report, contact Georgia Apostille for further instructions.  
I need a medallion signature guarantee. Can you provide this service?
No, Georgia Apostille does not provide medallion guarantee signature service. This special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities can only be performed by banks or other financial institutions. 
I was told my document needs to be translated before it can get an apostille. Can you help with translation services?
Yes, we can. Georgia Apostille has partnerships with many qualified translators and notaries nationwide who can provide notarized translations from 50+ languages. Let us know what type of document you need translating and what language; we can check our database for a qualified and available translator and will send you a quote. 
Can my documents be denied an apostille/legalization?
Yes, documents may be rejected an apostille/legalization for many reasons. The most common are missing the required stamps or signatures, having notarial errors, missing the translation for documents in a foreign language, etc.  That’s why Georgia Apostille offers free document review before you send us your paperwork for the apostille/legalization processing. We will check to make sure your document meets all the requirements of your specific state or the US Department of State. Our legalization experts will review and prepare your documents so that they are never rejected an apostille/legalization. 
What is the turnaround time for my document legalization from the day I send it to your office until I receive the legalized documents?
Georgia Apostille will begin processing your documents the day we receive them. The processing time, however, depends on the type of document you have, the issuing state of your document, and the country where your document is going. Some states and the US Department of State certification takes several weeks, while most documents can be apostilled within a few business days. To avoid delays with your document legalization, we recommend emailing us the copies of documents you need to apostille for a free review. We will check that your documents have all the needed stamps, signatures, proper notarization, and meet government requirements for the apostille. Contact us for your free document review.
I was asked to have my U.S. birth certificate legalized. How can I do that?
First, make sure you have an original or a certified copy of your birth certificate and it has the official seal of the issuing authority (the State Department of Health, the Department of Vital Records, etc.). Many states require that certified copies of the vital records are issued within the past 5 years. So, if your document was issued a long time ago you will need to check with your state if you need to request a new certified copy even if you have an original in your hands. For most states, having an original or a certified copy of a birth certificate is enough to apply for an apostille. A few states, though, do require additional certification from the state. To ensure you mail us a birth certificate that meets the state requirements, we recommend first emailing us a scanned copy of your document (from both sides) for a review. Visit Our Services page for step-by-step instructions on the legalization process of your birth certificate for use in a foreign country.
How do I get an apostille on a particular document?

Georgia Apostille can obtain an apostille or certification on documents issued or notarized in the United States for use in any foreign country. If you don’t know whether your document needs an apostille or a certification, contact us and our document authentication experts will advise you. Georgia Apostille provides apostille and certification services on all public and personal documents, including but not limited to: vital records, academic records, travel consents, background checks (local, state, and FBI), power of attorney, and much more. If you need an apostille in USA, Georgia Apostille is here for you!

To find out how to request an apostille on a particular document, please select your document from the list below.

How to Apostille a Power of Attorney?
How to Apostille a Driver’s License?
How to Apostille a Diploma?
How to Apostille a School Transcript?
How to Apostille a Birth Certificate?
How to Apostille a Death Certificate?
How to Apostille a Marriage Certificate?
How to Apostille a Divorce Decree?
How to Apostille a Single Status Affidavit?
How to Apostille a Background Check?
How to Apostille a Social Security letter?
How to Apostille a U.S. Passport?
How to Apostille a Travel Consent Form?
How to Apostille a U.S. Federal Government Document?
How to Apostille a U.S. Corporate Document?
How to Apostille a Car Title – DMV Record?

I need to order certified copies, can Georgia Apostille help me?
In most cases, Georgia Apostille can request certified copies of documents on your behalf. Vital records from most US states (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees) can also be ordered online If you order your vital records on your own, you can request that the certified copes are sent directly to our office to save you some time and money on extra shipping. However, not all states allow the shipping of certified copies to a third party. If your vital record was issued by one of those states, you will need to have your copies mailed to your home address before you can ship them to our office for apostille service. 
What type of documents can be authenticated/apostilled?

Any public document can be authenticated if it was signed by the following officials:

• Notaries Public
• County Clerks
• Registrar/Recorders
• State Officials

Many states require that the document was issued within a few years (varies by state) to qualify for an apostille. 

Common Personal Documents that can be authenticated:

• Vital records (Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates)
• Divorce Decree
• Court decisions 
• Adoption portfolios
• Certificate of Naturalization
• Passport or Driver’s License copies

Business and Corporate Documents that can be authenticated:

• Power of Attorney
• Articles and Certificate of Incorporation
• Various Company Authorization letters
• Sale Certificates
• Certificate of Good Standing
• Business Letter of Invitation

For a complete list of documents Georgia Apostille can authenticate please click here 

What is authentication?
Authentication is a special certificate that proves that the signature and the seal on your document are genuine.
Do Apostilles issued by different states look the same?
Although many Apostilles from different states may appear similar, each state has its unique elements and variations in color, size, design, etc.  
What is an apostille?

Apostille comes from the French language and means “certification.” Depending on the country of your destination, your documents need either an Apostille (if your document is going to a member country of the Hague Apostille Convention) or Certification (if your document is going to a country that is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention). The purpose of an apostille or a certification is to authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents, including vital records, notarized personal or commercial documents, court orders, or documents issued by a public authority, so that they can be legally accepted by foreign countries. 

What is the Hague Convention?

The Hague Apostille Convention, officially known as The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, was developed by the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) and has been signed by 117 countries including the United States of America. The USA has signed the Apostille Treaty on October 15, 1981. An Apostille is issued only on documents originating in a member country of the Hague Apostille Convention and going to another member country of the Hague Apostille Convention.

How do I know if my document is eligible for an apostille?

You can get an Apostille on your document only if it is going to be used in a member country of the Hague Apostille Convention. If you are not sure if the country of your destination is a party to the Hague Convention, please check the list of member-countries on the official site of the Hague Conference here.

If you are still unsure about the status of your destination country, please contact Georgia Apostille by visiting our Contact us page.

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