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USA Passport Apostille

With Georgia Apostille getting an apostille on a USA passport is very easy! Follow these simple steps to receive you apostille fast and stress-free.

1. Download and complete the Georgia Apostille order form.                             
2. Mail your certified color copy of you US passport and the order form to our office.            
3. Receive the apostilled US passport copy at your address. We can ship your documents anywhere in the world!

Ready to start? Please go to Our Services page for detailed instructions.

If you plan to work, study, or get married in a foreign country, you will be asked to provide an apostilled copy of your US passport. Georgia Apostille can process an apostille on your US passport. 
You can get an apostille on your US passport by doing one of the following:

1. You can mail to our office your original US passport, we will make a true certified color copy of your document and will submit it for apostille processing. Once the apostille is processed, you will receive your original passport back along with the apostilled certified copy.

2. You can take your US passport to your local notary public. The notary will make a color copy of your passport and notarize it. Make sure you choose an experienced notary public with a valid license and knowledge of the notarial laws in your state. The most common reason for document rejection at the State Apostille office is incorrect notarization by a public notary.

Your US passport copy will receive an apostille from the same state where your passport copy was notarized. So, if you had your US passport copy notarized by a Florida notary, your document will receive a Florida apostille. 

Before mailing the notarized copy of your US passport to our office, we recommend emailing a copy of your document to us for review. We will check your US passport copy to ensure it is notarized in compliance with the notarial laws in your state and provide instructions if your passport copy does not meet the apostille requirements. Most states require that a notarized copy is accompanied by a special notarial affidavit and your statement: “I do hereby attest that this is a true and correct photocopy of my US Passport.” (Signed and dated).

Your US passport copy will receive an apostille if you are going to a member country of the Hague Apostille Convention. However, if you are going to a country that is not a signee to the Hague Apostille Treaty, your US passport copy will require a different authentication process involving a certification by the United States Department of State and legalization through the Embassy/Consulate. Georgia Apostille can assist you with both the apostille and legalization process.

Obtaining an apostille can be frustrating. Make your life easier and trust obtaining an apostille on your documents to trained professionals. Our experienced staff handles apostille and document legalization with ease and efficiency. By trusting Atlanta-based Georgia Apostille with your document authentication you save time, money, and your mind. We apostille US passport copies, background checks, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, diplomas, corporate documents, and much more. Georgia Apostille is your right hand in apostille processing in the USA!

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Toll free in the U.S. 866-416-0747 / 770-447-0360