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Divorce Decree Apostille

With Georgia Apostille getting an apostille on a divorce decree is very easy! Follow these simple steps to receive you apostille fast and stress-free.

1. Download and complete the Georgia Apostille order form.                             
2. Mail an original or a certified copy of a divorce decree and the order form to our office.            
3. Receive the apostilled divorce decree at your address. We can ship your documents anywhere in the world!

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If you are planning to get married in a foreign country you will be required to show that you are currently not married in the USA and is, therefore, eligible for  marriage. If you were married before, an apostilled divorce decree serves as proof of your single status and eligibility for a new marriage. 

A divorce decree is issued by the Office of Vital records or Court Clerk’s office in the state where divorce was filed. You can pick up your divorce decree from the Court Clerk’s office in person or request it to be mailed to your home address. If you hired a divorce attorney to assist you with the process, the attorney will either have a certified copy of your divorce decree on file or can help you obtain one from the Court Clerk’s office. 

We recommend emailing us a copy of your divorce decree for review. Our experts can verify that your divorce decree meets the apostille requirements in your state to ensure an apostille on your document gets processed with no delays. An apostille on a divorce decree is always processed by the same state that issued your decree. So, if your divorce was filed in California, your divorce decree will receive a California apostille. 

Some countries require that an apostilled divorce decree is translated into their language. Let us know if you need help with finding a certified translator. Georgia Apostille works with a network of trusted certified translators and can refer you to one. 

Georgia Apostille processes apostilles on divorce decrees issued by all of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. If your divorce decree is intended for use in a country that is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, your document will require a different authentication process involving certification by the US Department of State in Washington, DC, and legalization through the Embassy/Consulate. Georgia Apostille can assist you with both the apostille and legalization process. 

Obtaining an apostille can be frustrating. Make your life easier and trust obtaining an apostille on your documents to trained professionals. Our experienced staff handles apostille and document legalization with ease and efficiency. By trusting Georgia Apostille with your document authentication you save time, money, and your mind. We apostille divorce decrees, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, diplomas, background checks, corporate documents, and much more. Georgia Apostille is your right hand in apostille processing in the USA!

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Toll free in the U.S. 866-416-0747 / 770-447-0360