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Apostille on Single Status Affidavit

With Georgia Apostille getting a Single Status Affidavit apostille is very easy! Follow these simple steps to receive your apostille fast and stress-free.

1. Download and complete the Georgia Apostille order form.                             
2. Mail your original documents and the order form to our office.                        
3. Receive your apostilled Single Status Affidavit at your address. We can ship your documents anywhere in the world!

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A Single Status Affidavit is a special document attesting that a person signing it is not currently married. In different states, the document may also be called a Certificate of No Record of Marriage. Below are the other terms used for a Single Status Affidavit:

• Affidavit of Single Status
• Affidavit of Marriageability
• Certificate of Freedom to Marry
• Certificate of No Impediment for Marriage
• Certificate of No Record – Marriage
• Certificate of No Public Record
• No Record of Marriage

A Single Status Affidavit can be obtained from the local county clerk’s office or a state registrar. Most commonly it is requested if a person wants to get married in a foreign country, but it may also be required for a work visa or dual citizenship application. If a person was married before and needs to prove that he/she is no longer married, he/she can request a certified copy of a divorce decree from the court instead and have this document apostilled. 

Georgia Apostille can obtain an Apostille on Single Status Affidavits issued by all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. 

If you need to apostille a Single Status Affidavit, your first step is to contact your local County Clerk’s office and ask for a document stating that you are currently not married (also referred to as Single Status Affidavit).  In some states, County Clerk’s offices call this paper a “No Record of Marriage” instead of a “Single Status.”  Typically, all County Clerk’s offices have templates for a Single Status Affidavit. A document issued by the County Clerk’s office does not require additional notarization. 

If for some reason your local County Clerk’s office cannot supply you with a Single Status Affidavit, you can prepare one yourself and have it signed in the presence of the notary public. Samples of Single Status Affidavits are available online. Basically, a Single Status Affidavit is a sworn written statement attesting that you are not currently married to any person in the United States. You can draft this document on your own and take it to a notary public. You will sign your Single Status Affidavit in front of a notary public, he/she will then put her signature, date, seal, and a notarial affidavit required by the state where your document is prepared. Once you have your Single Status signed and notarized you can mail it to our office for apostille processing. 

Even though self-prepared notarized Single Status Affidavits are accepted by most countries, we recommend checking with the authorities in your particular country requesting your affidavit to make sure they find it admissible. Also, check the validity requirements for your Single Status Affidavit as many countries mandate that this document be issued within 90 days. 

If you need a Single Status Affidavit and are currently located outside of the United States, you will need to find the closest US Embassy or Consulate and have them prepare your Single Status Affidavit. 

If a country requesting a Single Status Affidavit is a signee to the Hague Apostille Treaty, your document will require an apostille. An apostille on your Single Status Affidavit will be processed in the same state where you received your document. If your Single Status Affidavit was processed abroad via the US Embassy or Consulate, it will require a United States Apostille. 

If you need a Single Status Affidavit for a country that is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, your document will require a legalization via the US Department of State, and the Embassy or Consulate of the country of your destination. 

Obtaining an apostille on a Single Status Affidavit can be frustrating. Make your life easier and trust this job to trained professionals. Our experienced staff handles apostille and document legalization with ease and efficiency. By trusting Atkanta-based Georgia Apostille with your document authentication you save time, money, and your mind. We apostille single status affidavits, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, academic records, diplomas, background checks, corporate documents, and much more. Georgia Apostille is your right hand in apostille processing in the USA!

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Toll free in the U.S. 866-416-0747 / 770-447-0360