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List of Documents for U.S. Apostille

Most frequently requested documents that can be authenticated with a U.S. apostille, signed by a notary public or the following officials and authorities:

• County Clerks
• Superior Court Executive Clerks
• Superior Court Administrators
• Superior Court Executive Officers
• Superior Court Judges
• Registrar/Recorders
• Officers who have authority across multiple counties
• State Officials

Personal documents that can be apostilled include:

• Vital records (birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates)
• Marriage Licenses
• Single Status Affidavits and Divorce Decrees
• Criminal Records and Background Checks (County, State, and Federal)
• Documents from Local Police or Sheriff’s Department
• Power of Attorney
• Notarized Passport and Driver License copies
• International Adoption Documents 
• Academic Transcripts and Diplomas
• Travel Consent Letters
• Certificate of Naturalization
• Certificate of Life 

Business and corporate documents that can be apostilled include:

• Articles and Certificate of Incorporation
• Business Letter of Invitation
• Certificate of Good Standing
• Certificates of Amendment
• Certificate of Origin
• Certificate of Analysis
• Corporate Resolution Documents
• Corporate Forms and Invoices
• Incumbency Certificate
• Joint Venture Agreements
• Merger Agreements
• Power of Attorney
• Sale Certificates 
• Stock Purchase Agreement in Foreign Companies 
• Various Company Authorization letters 

Obtaining an apostille can be frustrating. Make your life easier and trust obtaining an apostille on your documents to trained professionals. Our experienced staff handles apostille and document legalization with ease and efficiency. By trusting Atlanta-based Georgia Apostille with your document authentication you save time, money, and your mind. We apostille vital records, certificates of life, car titles, US passport and driver license copies, background checks, divorce decrees, vital records, diplomas, corporate documents, and much more. Georgia Apostille is your right hand in apostille processing in the USA!

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Toll free in the U.S. 866-416-0747 / 770-447-0360